Welcome to the City of Connellsville


To view all City parks, please put your curser on "Administration" above, go down to "City Plans" and you will see all parks. Click which one you wish to view. You may also click on Board and Authorities and click "Parks and Recreation Board".

Smoking is prohibited in all City of Connellsville parks.

Rental Information

  • Contact Shelley at 724-628-2020 Ex. 201 to reserve a park or pavilion
  • Rentals are available from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Check availability calendars below
  • Alcohol is forbidden at all Parks unless a Special Occasion Permit us granted by the PA Liquor Control Board
  • Public Works requires 2 weeks notice to ensure the workers are available to prep the rental
  • Pavilion Rentals are non-refundable
  • Renter is responsible for charcoal and light bulbs
  • Rental is for pavilions only. Stage, courts, and field must be purchased through a package.
  • You must bring rental card with you the day of rental
  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol are strictly prohibited in all City Parks.
  • Tables are not to be moved from the pavilions they are in.

Rental Fees

Payable to:   City of Connellsville

  • $100.00 for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
  • $45.00 for Monday-Thursday Pavilion Rentals
  • $75.00 for Stage Rental at East Park (Must include a Pavilion Rental)
  • $75.00 for Stage Rental at Yough Park (Must include a Pavilion Rental)

Park Rental Packages

  • Yough Park Package - 2 Pavilions and Stage $275.00
  • Mountz Park Package - Pavilion and Courts $250.00 (lights requested for courts an additional $25.00/hour)
  • East Park Package - 3 Pavilions and Stage $375.00

Park Availability

Yough Park

2 Pavilions Available

East Park

3 Pavilions Available

Mountz Park

1 Pavilion and Courts Available